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My name is Larry Anderson. I’ve been into computers and technology as long as I can remember. 

I first became interested in computers ever since I had a chance to work with our time shared terminal in high school.

“Time shared” meant that the operator only had a certain time frame that they could use their terminal to access the main computer, which in our case, was somewhere controlled by Atlanta Public Schools.

This was 1970, and I have been obsessed with learning more and more about them ever since.

I was working at a record wholesale company in 1974 when they got their first computer, a punch card system.

In 1983 I bought my first computer, a Texas Instruments T1-994a “home computer”. The kind you hooked up to a television. The only type of storage it had was a cassette tape player that you stored your programs on. I taught myself to code in BASIC on that machine.

Later in the late 80s I was able to get a couple of computers from a place I worked when they upgraded their systems. One had a modem in it so I could actual get online. 

Now I was addicted (just ask my wife lol).

I started this site to help others in my age bracket with their tech. I hope the articles I post will bring good information to you, and as always, if you have any questions or have a subject you would like me to tackle, you can email me at

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