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facebook scam

New Facebook Scam Can Steal Your Password

There’s a new Facebook scam going around that can steal your passwords. Don’t fall for it.

As reported by the BBB, this Facebook scam scares people into giving the bad guys their passwords.

Let’s look at how this new phishing scam works:

What Is Phishing?

Phishing is when crooks cast a wide net out into the internet hoping to make a catch.

These usually come as emails or texts.

Don’t be caught in the net, read my article on phishing and online scams.

New Facebook Scam

It goes like this: The potential victim receives an email telling them that their Facebook account is in violation of their terms of service.

“Recently, we discovered a breach of our Facebook Community Standards on your page. Your page has been disabled for violating Facebook Terms. If you believe the decision is incorrect, you can request a review and file an appeal at the link below.”

There is a link to file an appeal.

You click the link, which asks for your username and password.

Boom, the crooks now have your user name and password, because the email wasn’t from Facebook, and the appeals site wasn’t Facebook, either.

How To Avoid This Facebook Scam

Very simple. If you receive this, or any other suspicious email, either open the Facebook app on your phone, or go to (don’t click on the link).

If everything looks OK, which it probably will, just delete that email.

Never panic. That’s what the criminals are hoping for.

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